HIGH FREQUENCY Vol. 1: “with me” by msft

Italian electronic producer and artist msft has found his groove, and with it, is ushering in a new wave of bass music.

Born and raised in a small town outside of Venice, Italy, msft started making music influenced by European electronic music culture in 2014. “I grew up listening to OG progressive house and electro house artists such as Hardwell and the old heads, and used to dream about European festivals such as Tomorrowland,” says msft. Emulating festival acts, he initially focused his production style on anthemic melodies, hooks, and catchy rhythms before shifting gears to dive into bass music. “It didn't take me long to realize I wanted to challenge myself into making more complex rhythms and sound design,” says msft. “I transitioned away from progressive house and electro house music to bass music, and that's when I started msft as a project in 2016.”

With dreams of international success and an interest in American culture, msft patiently developed his production and music skills while earning an undergraduate degree in Foreign Languages followed by a masters degree in International Relations. “I studied global cultures, and more in-depth about American culture. Making music while studying language and International Relations allowed me to better understand the environment I want to see myself in,” says msft.

By the time he graduated in 2021, msft had spent years exploring various approaches to electronic production and began honing the nuances of his personal style. Now on the heels of releasing his debut EP “Hands” in 2022–alongside a slew of singles, remixes, and sample packs–he’s found a breakthrough while experimenting with breakbeat drum ‘n’ bass. “Breakbeat drum ‘n’ bass, in my opinion, is the perfect combination between sound design and interesting grooves and rhythms,” says msft. “I love making all types of electronic music and all types of bass music, but I think I’ve found my sound, and found myself in terms of vibes and music in the last few months. I’ve found the sweet spot and a nice balance for me. It's been a journey, but I couldn’t be happier.”

Shattering his creative ceiling, “with me” offers a potent preview of where he’s headed. Emanating with confidence and deft sonic balance, the song introduces msft’s meticulous and distinct musical identity. A testament to the unwavering dedication and palpable enthusiasm he’s invested over the past decade, msft’s unique sonic approach packs an unforgettable punch. The driving drum beat and sharp production turns juxtapose subtle peaks and valleys creating an intoxicating musical experience. “I enjoy–and this song is proof–creating different drops. One that is more melody or chord oriented, and the second, heavier. Variation in different sections of the song is always a plus. I enjoy listening to very abrupt, very quick changing songs. Keeping the listener’s attention is the main goal.”

Calling his listener to attention, “with me” warms up with an atmospheric introduction before the fast tempo and chopped vocal stacks anticipate the song’s first drop–a euphoric jolt of energy triggered by a myriad of complex rhythmic layering. The second drop provides a perceived feeling of suspension, slowing things down with heavy glitching bass before taking the listener across the finish line. “This song came in a very natural way,” says msft. “I decided to start from a vocal sample then build the chords and a very simple but effective drum loop to set the vibe and set the tone for the track. After creating the backbone of the song, I started manipulating the sound and going a bit crazier with sound design.” Unapologetically stimulating, the track’s production seems to transcend the auditory dimension through its relentless and captivating sensory firings.

Harnessing a spectrum of past and present influences in the complexity of his approach, msft cites The Prodigy, Noisia, and Skrillex as points of musical inspiration. While on a more macro level, he references BROCKHAMPTON as a more general guiding light on his roadmap. “They’re my main inspiration in terms of career path. They’re an act that evolved, but stayed true to their roots,” says msft. “It's so exciting that they were, and still are, a group of friends who happened to start a band making music, and just having fun. Between all the members, and also producers and visual artists and management, I believe there were like 16 people living in the same house, making music and just having fun and growing while remaining friends.”

Seeking a similar trajectory, msft prioritizes friendship and authentic creative connection as he pursues his goals. “My main goal has always been to create and collaborate with multiple artists.” Cultivating an online community, msft has met some of his best friends on the internet and sees web3 as an extension of this ethos. When one of his closest friends, camoufly, onboarded him to Sound in 2021, msft was immediately struck by the talent and synergy he found in the space. “When you're able to cross paths with like-minded people, and share a lot in terms of music and in terms of your journey, it's pretty natural to create a bond and a friendship,” says msft. “There are only a few electronic and bass music artists in web3, but the talent is huge. I've been friends with TWERL, Daniel Allan, josh pan, and a lot of dope bass music producers for a while. It feels like a family where everyone wants to grow with each other.”

A poignant example came when after interacting only a few times online, Daniel Allan offered msft a place to crash in LA while visiting from Italy last summer. Taken aback by Daniel’s graciousness, msft credits the act of kindness and the experience that followed as a major highlight of his creative career. “We barely spoke before, and he gave me a couch to sleep on for two weeks in June when I came to visit LA from Venice. It was so chill–a very friendly environment–so genuine, so natural. That's been one of the most amazing experiences I've had in the past, five or even 10 years.”

During his stay, msft met and collaborated with a revolving door of artists including Dabow who recently dropped a song they made that week called “NONONO.” “It was a song that Dabow, camoufly, and I made in probably two hours, just jamming out. It was so natural. When you find yourself in a very nice environment, making music is way easier, because there is no pressure.”

As msft forges ahead towards his goals, he stays true to his grounding pillars–having fun, making music, and doing it with true friends by his side. “My friendship with Daniel Allan is one of the things that I'm most proud of,” says msft. “I think that when you manage to be peers, but also friends and you create a synergy and collaborative energy between two people in multiple fields, that's real friendship.”

Finding his sound and finding his people, msft is well on his way.


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