HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1: The Compilation Album

New Music NFT releases coming soon, plus editorial features. Curated by NOISE.

In October 2022, we announced a new project from NOISE called HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1. Now the time has come to spill the juicy details!

HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1 is a compilation album featuring new songs from artists who we believe represent the values of web3, have the potential to be breakout stars, and whose work is essential to every music NFT collector’s set long-term.

With each release, we invite new collectors to discover and learn more about the artists who are pushing the space forward.

HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1: Artist Tracklist and Release Schedule.

Volume 1 will consist of 16 songs—each drop will be 25 editions at .05 ETH, released every Tuesday on NOISE’s Sound account. Follow NOISE on Sound, and subscribe to HIGH FREQUENCY on Substack to stay up to date with each release.

Without further ado, we’re excited to share the list of upcoming releases for HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1:

  • msft

  • Black Dave


  • Mija

  • Lackhoney


  • Iman Europe

  • Karma Wav

  • bloody white

  • Dadabots

  • Matthew Chaim

  • Pauline Herr

  • Oshi

  • camoufly

  • Haleek Maul

  • Reo Cragun

HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1 is brought to you by NOISE.

NOISE is a DAO brought together by the shared belief that web3 and blockchain technology can positively impact the future of music. Formed in December 2021, our core group consists of investors, music industry vets, and artists who are leading the way for musicians in web3 including RAC, Daniel Allan, VÉRITÉ, Dot, DeafBeef, Holly Herndon, Matthew Chaim, Jonathan Mann, Dadabots, and more. Together, we are pooling our resources to collaboratively invest in and support the emerging web3 music ecosystem. To date, NOISE has backed web3 music projects, and collected hundreds of NFTs from artists who are pushing the space forward. Check out NOISE’s collection here.

HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1 is our first official music release. Over time, we want to continue to build on this vision and release more compilations with artists we are excited about.

A new movement is beginning in music.

At NOISE, we believe we’re at the beginning of a new movement in music characterized by musicians who are digitally native, are starting their music careers in web3, are using the funds and support from their early work to refine a sound that is distinctly their own, and who, long-term, will become the global stars of tomorrow.

And while we’re excited about this future–we’re also aware that we have a lot of work to do to make it happen. As NOISE, we want to be the go-to brand for collectors entering the space by highlighting up-and-coming artists and making it easy for fans to collect their first music NFT while offering a community of like-minded fans and enthusiasts.

Everything you need to know about HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1.

In preparation for our first release, we wanted to share some insights into what you can expect:

  • First Drop: Tuesday, February 21

  • Upcoming Drops: Released every Tuesday

  • Supply: 25 Editions per Drop

  • Price: 0.05 ETH

  • Pre-Sale: 10 Editions released 24 hours before Public Sale available to Artist’s past Sound collectors, HIGH FREQUENCY collectors, and Noise DAO members.

  • Weekly Editorial Features: Each release will be paired with a long-form feature highlighting the associated artist, published in HIGH FREQUENCY via Substack and Mirror. We think music is deeply human and want to share the story behind each song and the artist who created it.

  • Artwork: The art for HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1 is designed and created by music producer and artist Willa.

A place for music collectors to connect.

We’re excited to grow our community of enthusiastic music collectors at NOISE. As part of that, we’re opening a Telegram group today for our community of readers and future collectors of HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1 NFTs.

Please join us on Telegram here.


Collect and add HIGH FREQUENCY to your digital library. There are 10 editions of this article available to mint for .01 ETH each.

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