Introducing NOISE –  a DAO valuing experimentation and expression – here to back the future of music in web3.

What is NOISE?

NOISE is a DAO brought together by the shared belief that web3 and blockchain technology can positively impact the future of music.

Formed in December 2021, our core group consists of investors, music industry vets, and artists who are leading the way for musicians in web3 including RAC, Daniel Allan, VÉRITÉ, Dot, DeafBeef, Holly Herndon, Matthew Chaim, Jonathan Mann, Dadabots, and more.

Together, we are pooling our resources to collaboratively invest in and support the emerging web3 music ecosystem.

Our mission at NOISE:

Collect deeply from the catalogs of artists we believe in.

To date, we’ve collected over 700 music NFTs from artists. When we decide to support a musician, we go deep. From Matthew Chaim, whose early experiments with Songcamp and Headless Chaos put creative collaboration in music at the forefront, to Dadabots and Beat Foundry’s technical feats in moving music NFTs forward, we’re in this for the long haul. Get a taste of what we’ve collected so far HERE.

Still from Series 0: Synth Poems by Deafbeef
Still from Series 0: Synth Poems by Deafbeef
Allan Kingdom - Yebo Life ft. Tika
Allan Kingdom - Yebo Life ft. Tika

Invest in forward-thinking web3 music projects.

NOISE invests in projects and companies at the intersection of music and web3, including Catalog, HiFi Labs, Medallion, Nina Protocol, Stems DAO, Song that Owns Itself, and Songcamp. We’re always on the lookout for new projects to back, and will be adding many more to this list as we grow.

"Here and Now" Act III, Scene V by CHAOS
"Here and Now" Act III, Scene V by CHAOS

Support creative communities and encourage experimentation.

Along with platforms and protocols, we’re investing in projects that focus on innovative music technology. From Heds to Song a DAO, we’re collecting NFTs from creators who are pushing the boundaries into new types of content and experiences. We are also supporting artists who are experimenting with open source software, blockchain technology, and forming DAOs to generate new forms of music, investing in projects like BeatFoundry and Deafbeef’s on-chain productions and Holly Herndon’s AI and DAO project Holly+

Holly+ DAO Genesis Token
Holly+ DAO Genesis Token

Grow the web3 music ecosystem.

As a DAO, we aim to provide value and encourage growth in the web3 music ecosystem beyond what is possible as individual collectors. And we spend a lot of time talking to artists and builders in the space to explore the best and most effective ways to do so.

As NOISE our goals are to:

  • Elevate up-and-coming artists who are breaking new ground in web3.

  • Onboard new musicians and collectors into the space—specifically those interested in creating or collecting their first music NFT.

Still from Disreputable Discomfort (drone) by Dadabots
Still from Disreputable Discomfort (drone) by Dadabots

What’s next for us?

Launch NOISE’s editorial and weekly newsletter.

Over the next few months, we are launching our editorial team with the goal of creating one of the first spaces for creative storytelling behind the music and musicians of web3.

Our first editorial project is "High Frequency” – a weekly newsletter including artist features, relevant industry news, interviews, and of course, the occasional hot take from NOISE members. Subscribe to “High Frequency” HERE.

Get involved.

Share your music with us.

Are you a musician getting started in web3? NOISE wants to be the first fan + supporter of new creators.  If you’re making great music, we want to know about you.

Share your web3 projects with us.

Are you a founder building tools to support musicians in web3? NOISE is an active pre-seed and seed investor in forward-thinking projects that support musicians.

Join NOISE as a member of the DAO.

Are you an individual or institutional investor who is excited about the intersection of music + web3? We plan to bring on new members who share our values, and want to work together to support the next generation of musicians and creators.

Email us:

Be a part of the NOISE community.

If you’re a music fan like us, we’ll have more surprises for you in the next few months—including opening up our Discord and hosting more community calls and events.

To stay in the loop on the latest NOISE developments, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter.

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