HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 2: Community Vote

We’re already having some fun with HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 2, and we’re just getting started!

The next iteration of Noise’s mixtape will be curated by the community, specifically by all of the collectors and supporters of HIGH FREQUENCY and Volume 1. Last week, we asked for your nominations, and yall really came through. Covering a wide array of talent, genres, and web3 approaches—this list is absolute FIRE.

HFV2 Nominations:

  • Grady

  • Deegan

  • Peter Saputo


  • So Tuff So Cute

  • DLG

  • Lyrah

  • Sound of Fractures

  • Ibn Inglor

  • Heybela

  • Daniel Allan

  • Sara Phillips

  • Elcee the Alchemist

  • Heno

  • Green Ring

  • Mark Evans


  • angelbaby

  • TK

  • WesGhost

  • Annika Rose

  • Felly

  • Sophia Alexa

  • Alexander 23

  • harris cole

  • Pussy Riot


  • Allan Kingdom

  • Dot

  • Verite

  • Healy

  • Beachcrimes



  • pearson

  • Alec King

  • vaarwell

  • Ben Kessler

  • San Holo

  • sober rob


  • pat junior

  • serboy

  • Dabow

  • Jadyn Violet

  • Keyon Christ

  • Vivid Fever Dreams


  • Suave

  • Toha

  • Kaien Cruz

  • Isadore Noir


  • Ed Balloon

  • Acutek

  • KarmaVioletta

  • Three Oscillators

  • Al3C

  • OmegaKid

  • demotapes

  • Omotayo

  • El Khefe

  • valentina cy

  • MAi


  • X&ND


  • Yaxx Castillo

  • Alex Purdy

  • greydient

  • Twenty Duce

  • JED XO

  • max pretends

  • VOID

  • Chugar

  • Losi

  • A KID called BROKE

  • Nessy the Rilla

  • Alex Paul

  • Trincao

  • Xcelencia

  • Sadye

The next step is voting! Open to all HIGH FREQUENCY NFT holders–both for HF Mirror articles and HFV1 Sound drops–voting is LIVE now and runs until September 2 at 9:30 pm UTC.

Vote HERE.

Voting for HFV2 is brought to you by hedsVOTE, a voting protocol designed by our friends at heds. To cast your vote, connect your wallet holding HFV1 or Noise DAO Mirror NFTs and select the artists you want to see featured. After making your choice(s), click “Cast Vote” at the top and sign.

A huge thank you to heds for making this happen! We are stoked to experiment with a decentralized curation model and can’t wait to see how HFV2 shapes up.

One thing is guaranteed, great music is on the way!

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