HIGH FREQUENCY Vol 1: The Compilation Album RECAP

Welcome back to HIGH FREQUENCY!

Last week we closed out HFV1 with a free mint from NOISE member and producer, artist, founder extraordinaire Reo Cragun. With 24.4k mints (tbd if the bots found us lol), it’s the perfect way to book-end our compilation album. Cue the fireworks!

We launched HFV1 in February with the goal of highlighting up-and-coming artists and bringing more collectors into the space to get their first music NFT. 16 releases later, and we’re glad to report more than 5,000 unique wallets participated in minting tracks from HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1. With more than 24,000 mints and over 5,700 followers on Sound, we are thrilled with the outcome and are energized to keep going.

The compilation is a reflection of what NOISE aims to represent—a shared belief and vision that web3 can positively impact the future of music. A huge thank you to everyone who has participated in this project, from artists to collectors to builders, it’s been a collaborative group effort fueled by passion for great music.

Along the way, we saw creative through-lines and micro-genres emerge. We’re inspired by the stories and unique perspectives of the artists involved, and view the tracklist as a snapshot of the ecosystem at this special moment in time. Forever onchain, HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1 documents the emerging sounds and movements of onchain music as it continues to evolve.

The visual style of the project also showcased exciting changes as our visual designer Willaa catered to evolving infrastructure and a wide array of sonic palettes. With each GIF syncopated to every song’s BPM, the visual narratives blossomed instinctually according to each song’s storyline. When viewed as a whole, the body of work is a beautiful representation of the dance between cohesion, experimentation, and the vision of every artist who contributed to the album.

By putting together the album, we also learned a few things along the way. Working as a team, we adapted weekly and found ways to refine our process with the intention of better serving our growing community.

We will be taking a summer hiatus to rest and reflect as we gear up for Season Two of HIGH FREQUENCY and Volume II of The Compilation Album. There is lots of work to be done, and we are excited to continue on this journey.

A massive thank you to all of the incredible artists who participated–msft, Black Dave, TWERL, Deegan, Mija, Sloe Jack, Iman Europe, Aly, bloody white, Dadabots, Matthew Chaim, Jamee Cornelia, Pauline Herr, oshi, camoufly, Haleek Maul, Karma.wav, and Reo Cragun–we couldn’t have done it without you.

We are so grateful to our entire community of collectors, and want to highlight some of our most frequent and active collectors–Crittie P, VividFeverDreams, PixelGlyphMan, cooprecords.eth, luckybrick, and serboy.

And a big thanks to Sound for being our technology partner–specifically David, Katrina, and the engineering team for real time user support.

Looking ahead, we plan to further involve our growing collector and artist community in curatorial decisions. Our Telegram will move to a token-gated model this summer for all holders of NOISE NFTs while Volume II of the Compilation Album will be curated by holders. Rumor has it, a membership NFT could be brewing as well.

NOISE is also cooking up a few new projects, so keep an eye out on our Twitter in the meantime.


  • HIGH FREQUENCY Editorial Season One–crushed it.

  • HIGH FREQUENCY Volume I: The Compilation Album–immaculate vibes, goals accomplished, lessons learned, pumped for the next iteration.

Last but not least, check out NOISE member Adam D’Augelli’s interview on the Invest In Music podcast where he gives a fantastic overview of NOISE and all things HIGH FREQUENCY.

Now go touch some grass and frolic to the sweet sounds of great music.

We’ll see you here back in the Fall!

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