HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 2: Coming Soon

Welcome back! After a very hot, onchain summer, we are thrilled to announce that HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 2 is on its way this September.

The caliber of talent in web3 music continues to inspire us. With over 5,000 NOISE holders in our collector base, we are eager to showcase more exceptional music and bring in even more collectors to the scene.

For the compilation’s sophomore effort, collectors will be able to participate in a community-driven curation model to select the artists who will be featured on HFV2. Using the Heds voting protocol, all holders of HIGH FREQUENCY & NOISE NFTs are eligible to vote.

To start, we need your help!

We’ve been compiling a list of potential artists for season 2 from our existing collectors and community members, but we want to hear from you: what artists should be included in the vote?

Please comment your nomination on this Twitter thread, send a message in the HIGH FREQUENCY Telegram, or email us at editorial@noisedao.xyz no later than August 22.

Once the list of artists is finalized, collectors of HIGH FREQUENCY Volume 1 can vote beginning on August 24. Voting will be open for one week.

We will then use the results to curate the compilation and editorial calendar according to artist availability. The first music and editorial feature for HFV2 will drop in mid September.

Our goal is to produce a collaborative, community-driven album that is reflective of the ecosystem and celebrates the talent driving the space forward. We believe web3 can positively impact the future of music and want to champion both artists and collectors who share our vision.

Cheers to HFV2!

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