Feature by HIGH FREQUENCY: "Light Me Up" by Wallace Morgan

Welcome to the Feature by HIGH FREQUENCY Series highlighting songs and stories on emerging artists curated by NOISE.

This week for a special summer edition of HIGH FREQUENCY, we are shifting gears and shining the spotlight on one of our own. NOISE contributor, Wallace Morgan, a wordsmith often found behind the scenes, is stepping into the limelight with her new track, “Light Me Up.”

In a fascinating twist of roles, Wallace collaborates with NOISE to bring this electrifying track to life. You'll have the opportunity to mint it for free for a week, beginning on Thursday, August 3rd at 2pm PT/5pm ET on Sound.

Created amidst the backdrop of her journey from the hustle of New York to the creativity-infused vibes of Los Angeles, "Light Me Up" is a heartfelt narrative of embracing change, surrendering to the past, and the soulful power of starting anew.

For a deeper dive into this intriguing transformation, Wallace joins her old friend Aly, for a tell-all conversation. With a bond that traces back to their early days when Wallace managed Aly, this reunion is set to reveal the untold stories behind the track and Wallace's journey since.


Wallace Morgan embodies a tapestry of talents—a multidisciplinary artist, a resonating singer-songwriter, and a sought-after writer. Born in the 90s as the youngest of three, she is the quintessential free spirit of her family. With a penchant for deep reflection and an insatiable curiosity, Wallace identifies herself as a profound feeler, a relentless over-thinker, and someone perpetually intrigued by the raw, enchanting, and enigmatic facets of life. Her music—rich with pop sensibilities—serves as an exploratory vessel, diving into complex psychological themes beyond mere personal relationships. Her songs are not just personal narratives; they critically examine systemic issues that inadvertently impact mental health at a deeply personal level.

"Light Me Up" represents Wallace's powerful shift from feeling controlled by life to taking control of her own. The song emphasizes her acceptance of things she cannot change. A personal anthem, the track came to life during a writing session with the producer and writer, Dajuan, in Fall 2022.

The song tells a story from Wallace's life—her move to LA in 2019, a day that started with a car accident and ended with an earthquake. After a successful cross-country road trip, she got in a car accident on her first day in Los Angeles. Though everyone was okay, it was a shocking experience. And just hours later, while she was trying to relax in her new apartment, an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale shook the building.

These major events often shape us, and for Wallace, they inspired "Light Me Up." The song reflects the big changes that this day sparked in her life. “Light Me Up” is the first song she’s released in 2023, and will be the opening track of a five-song project to be released later this year. "Light Me Up" marks an important milestone in Wallace's musical journey.

No stranger to reinventing herself, Wallace has navigated a path filled with twists and turns. Beginning her journey in the high echelons of the music industry, she initially worked for prestigious magazines and major labels. Throughout her career, Wallace has worn many hats: journalist, publicist, and music manager, with stints at Rolling Stone, Republic Records, MOXI MANAGEMENT, and Mint Music Group. Nowadays, she's carving a fresh path in the world of web3 and becoming more embedded in the music community emerging from it.

Her dual passions for writing and music are intertwined, and Wallace does not view them as separate. She's striving to create a more sustainable model for her work, one that supports her livelihood, whether it's her newsletter funding her music or her writing for projects like High Frequency. Although the financial equation isn't perfect at the moment, she envisions a future where it could be. This future offers her a sustainable life where she can continue her profession in a way that respects and honors her creative process.

Adapting to new beginnings is an ongoing part of life, a concept Wallace knows all too well. The phrase "I can't run from it," in the new track, reflects her inability to escape the feelings of anxiety and burnout she experienced in New York. It felt like these feelings followed her to LA, taking physical form in a car crash and an earthquake upon her arrival.

But as Wallace came to realize this was all part of the plan, the larger picture began to take shape. It wasn't about resisting these struggles, but rather surrendering to them, much like a phoenix rising from the ashes. She recognized she couldn't avoid herself, her problems, or the world around her. She had to face these challenges head-on, allow herself to undergo a profound existential crisis, and question the beliefs and social constructs that no longer served her. It was a call to metaphorically set everything ablaze and start anew, a transformation encapsulated in “Light Me Up.”

In the end, Wallace reemerges. She acknowledges that everyone is navigating their own unique journey, arriving at life's significant turning points when they're ready to face them. She has observed that as individuals, we are remarkably resilient. This journey, with its crashes and subsequent rebirths, forms the very essence of human creativity and self-discovery.


Collect Music NFTs from HIGH FREQUENCY. “Light Me Up” is dropping on Sound at 2pm PST on August 3, free to mint for a week.

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